Our VPN Services

Anonymous Internet

Anonymous internet

Surf anonymously and safely with our encrypted VPN service.

When you connect to our servers, all your traffic is protected by our powerful encryption. Furthermore, we swap your IP address with a new, anonymous IP address that belongs to VPNtunnel.

No Activity Logging.. Ever!

Don’t let your IPS track your internet activity

Unlike other VPN providers we don’t store any traffic logs so you can use the internet freely without having to worry about your online activities being tracked by your ISP or government organisations.

No Download Limits

Download as much as you want without worry about being cut off

We don’t place download limits or speed limits on our VPN connections. You are free to download as much as you want a full speed with our huge network of Gb/s servers

Access blocked services

Access blocked websites

Many countries block or censor certain websites.

If you find yourself in such a country, you can bypass these blocks by connecting to our VPN tunnel. This allows you direct access to the entire internet.

Bypass geoblocks

A lot of web services have limited access in certain countries.

One example is the BBC iPlayer, which only streams content within the UK. VPNtunnel provides IP addresses in a variety of different countries, so you don’t have to be limited by your geographical location when you are online.

Unlock VoIP/Skype blocks

Easily bypass VoIP blocks to access Skype wherever wherever you are

This is one of the biggest advantages of using a VPN tunnel, compared to a VPN proxy or other solutions. A VPN tunnel will channel ALL your traffic, with no exceptions. That includes protocols such as www, ftp, VoIP, torrents and all the others.

Worry free P2P

Use your favorite P2P applications

P2P enabled in many locations (as many as we can) – your peering activity won’t be tracked by private or government agencies

Compatible with tablets and smartphones

Smartphones / Tablets

Connect to our VPN tunnel using a smartphone or tablet couldn’t be easier.

Using the PPTP protocol, all you need to do is access the device’s network settings. In other words, no downloading software to your device before getting started. Our control panel contains easy to follow guides for what you need to do.

Nowadays, there are more and more services for smartphones and tablets, and as these increase, so too do the risks of sensitive information landing in the wrong hands. Information like banking and log in details, photo albums, calendars, and so on.

If you connect your smartphone or tablet to our VPN tunnel, all the traffic flowing between your device and our servers will be encrypted. This reduces the risk of your data ending up anywhere else other than where it’s meant to go.