Will I really remain anonymous?

VPNtunnel can hide IP addresses by swapping your IP address with a new one that belongs to us. This means that your digital footprints cannot be connected to you as a physical person.

We offer anonymous surfing and our policy is to safeguard our users’ privacy. The only details we save are your username and email address. This means that we never log IP addresses, times or any other details like that. This is always valid for our servers in Sweden. Have a look at our Privacy Policy/TOS to see the specific terms for other countries.

As we encrypt all your traffic, in principle it is impossible for either your internet service provider or employer to see what you are doing on the internet. I.e. they cannot see what websites you have visited, and so on.

As regards our servers in Sweden and other countries where we keep no traffic logs, it is impossible to provide details that can, for example, connect a specific user to a specific activity at a specific time for the simple reason that we do not store this data. In other words, it is not an issue we have to consider anytime such a request is made. For countries where logs have to be kept, we will only ever provide information when legally required to do.