What is a Clickjacking?

Clickjacking is a kind of malware attack that is rarely talked about. It is difficult to detect, can attack anyone and can spread to Operating Systems and Applications. This is a process that hackers hijacked the user’s click and mislead it to something malicious. It can hijack keystrokes but a lot harder and more complicated. The main job of this process is for the users to think that they are clicking on a thing of their choice but the truth is that it is something else.

The attacks is done by making a transparent interface placed over another legit interface which user may think it is the site or the interface that they want to see. They also call this method “UI Redressing”. When a user clicks the interface usually a video then it will direct the user to something else and not the video that they expect to see. This cyber criminal method of misleading can:

  • Gain an access to your email account.
  • A link to direct you on your Social Media Account’s privacy setting.
  • A link to like a post or web page.
  • Can be a link to follow someone.
  • Can link to something that can enable your microphone or camera
  • A link to a malicious site
  • A link to download a software which is actually a malware.

What are the ways to protect yourself from Clickjacking Attacks?

Update Internet Browser

Updating your internet browser is a way to prevent you from being a victim of clickjacking. Some features that offer by an updated application is the security it can provide to the user.

Update other Plug-ins

You can also update to the newest version your browser plug-ins such as Flash. Some older versions may be vulnerable to clickjacking attacks.

Download a Clickjacking Detection Software

There are plug-ins that built along with a browser to protect you from clickjacking. However, there are also browsers that don’t have this feature. But it is better to download a plug-in for added protection.

Have a Web Application Firewalls

This can be costly but it is worth it. Why? Because it is yourself that has to be protected. With cyber criminals that have ways to take advantage of you, it is better that we also upgrade ourselves with protection in response to their aggressiveness to do such crime.

If ever you did become a victim of Clickjacking, what is the best thing to do?

  • FBI websites are already into this kind of hacker’s method. They created a project called “Operation Ghost Click” that has materials on it to determine if you are infected. You will be given instructions on what to do and how to file a report and how you can gain back the control over your browser.
  • After doing the report, you can bring your computer to computer professionals to whom you trust and let them remove the malware. This malware can spread that is why it has to be removed. Seek for their professional help.

It is always better to be educated with this kind of tactics in response to their aggressiveness in doing such crimes. Have a safe browsing everyone.