Webcams are all over gadgets like laptop, smart phones, android phones, and tablets. Almost everybody has access to it, for profile pictures, or communicating to the other parts of the world. This is a built-in feature for every gadget that almost everyone thinks of it as an edge, an advantage. But the thing is that this little black lens over and at the back of your phone is also a tool for cyber criminals to take advantage of us. Yes! Hackers already discovered on how far their talents will go. They found out that they can also take control over our gadgets. They have been sneaking on us and we are very unaware of it until they have already called our attention showing their footage of us and asking to trade the footage over some money or we can call it blackmailing. And that’s bad!

This is how they do it

Attackers can’t control your gadget if you didn’t allow their codes enter your system. Beforehand, maybe you received an email or clicked on a link and have it downloaded on your laptop or mobile phone. Most likely, users are completely unaware that it is a malware that they have downloaded which is the Remote Administration Tools or RAT. Hackers will then turn on the microphone and/or webcam of your gadget and users are unaware of this. Some hackers use Trojan horse attack for this invasion, they will just infect a downloadable file like audio or video and will be able to take control over your gadget.

For this matter, if ever you did downloaded a file and you have noticed that your webcam is working then maybe you have to find something to cover it up. Some gadgets have a feature like indicator lights that will let you know if your webcam is already working. But, we should also be aware that this setting can be configured. A webcam can still capture even with a disable indicator light.

How are we going to secure our Webcam

Here are some tips to help you secure your webcam and your privacy.

Don’t click on links or open an email attachment from untrusted source. You should be cautious on this. An email attachment can contain malware such as Trojan horse / RAT file that can control your gadgets once it has been downloaded and invaded your gadget. A link can direct you to malicious a site that contains this kind of malwares.

Install and use firewall. You have to install or download a firewall or Anti-Malware application from a trusted source for you to have a protection over your property and privacy. And don’t forget to configure the settings and turn it on. And keep it updated.

Accept technical Help from legit companies only. Before anyone can touch your personal property, be sure that you called on the legit numbers only. And always verify their Identification.

Check your indicator light, all the time. Make this a routine so that we’ll know if it is working or not.

Close your laptop or gadget when not in use. After using your laptop, be sure to close the lid every time you are not using it.

As simple as put a cover over the lens or microphone. This can help secure that no one can see you. You can put tape, a peel-off sticker, or something that you can easily peel off when in use without damaging the lens.

We can do these precautionary measures to protect our webcams and especially our privacy.