What are BOTS?

Internet Robots or Bots are programmed to do repetitive task. Bots have huge capabilities. They are software programs that are capable of almost any interaction that has API or Application Programming Interface. There are a lot of Bots, some are programmed to do basic work and some are programmed to make decision with limited choices. But this Bots are also used to do malicious jobs and they are also very tricky to define. To better understand the capabilities of Bots and the Bots that we have to be careful of, we have enlisted here the following:

Types of Bots

This is the advantage part of bots, good bots, which are functioned to help people by being a time saver for different application.

Spider Bots. This is a type of bot which function is to fetch data from another website, they are the Search Engine spiders or web crawlers to explore web pages and do the organizing and linking. They are also responsible for ranking of web pages by means of search results.

Trading Bots. They are used for commercial purposes like locating the best products and services from other online commercial sites or online stores. They can move data from one platform to another and act on behalf of human to perform transactions categorically like scheduling of distribution of a products.

Media Bots. They are responsible for giving updates or notification about helpful information like weather updates, news, sports, and currency exchange.

Chatbots. Their purpose is to interact with human by means of conversation like automatic interaction with instant messaging or instant relay chat. Chatbots are programmed with question and response script.

Entertainment bots. These are art bots and gaming bots. Art bots are for aesthetic purpose only like Deep Drumpf. While the gaming bots are the video games that you play.

The bad part of bots is that it is used to harm people by infecting a host with malwares that can spread like “worm” known as the Malicious Bots. They compromised a computer or device by gathering password, financial information, relay spam, open backdoors, exploit or manipulate a device and surfaces network securities.

Hacker Bots. They are programmed to distribute malware, trick and attack people. They go around the websites and online applications.

Botnets. This is an online attack to a large number of computers thus creating a network which are called “botnets” or bot network. Computers that are infected by botnets are referred as “zombies”. They perform their malicious intent to the computer without the knowledge of the user.

Spam Bots. This is a type of web crawler that collects data thru posted advertisements, pop-ups, promotions where links are directed to their spam sites. They usually collect email addresses of prospective spam victims.

Download Bots. They are used to download web page and use this webpage as a front for their malicious web page. This malicious web page acts as the legitimate page misleading the users who search for a certain site.

How are we going to protect ourselves from these malicious Bots?

Here are some tips that can help you protect your computer and information from malicious Bots.

  • Install strong security software, anti-malware, to block malware attack.
  • Install a strong Firewall.
  • Check and configure the anti-malware setting all the time and Turn it on.
  • Keep your security software updated.
  • Don’t click on links and untrusted attachments from emails or pop-up advertisements.
  • Always scan your computer.
  • Have a strong password.
  • Don’t use flash drive or other connecting external devices

Disconnect the infected computer from the network to prevent malware from spreading.